Zombasol No0

Zombasol: Video

Zombasol is a video that details the experiences of a zombified culture imbued with the emotional numbness that can only be promised through the use of controlled medication.  Indirectly, it exposes our societal tendency to medicate normal human behavior as a means of enforcing compliance in the individual, especially in their youth, and often at the cost of the individual’s long-term physical and emotional well being.  These observations are clearly stated in the product support pamphlet:

Zombasol is a prescription designer drug, one created for unruly youth. It will keep your children and teenagers at home and makes them more agreeable in all aspects of family life. Some side-affects have been seen, but only in a small percentage. This percentage can easily be treated with human flesh, and a padded room to sleep in.

We hope that you as a parent choose Zombasol to treat all your children’s behavioral problems. We are happy to supply the names of doctors who have agreed to prescribe this drug to those interested in signing the appropriate release forms.  We have a money back guarantee that your child will feel numb, inhuman, and be completely controllable at all times.  We further encourage you to disregard the four pages of side effects as they are in small print.